Gallery of Contemporary Art 'Serbia' , Nish


NIS, 25 February 2005


The exhibition by Milica Vergot titled “Globalist mega trend (GMT) – Shadows of Tehnologics”, which represents multimedia and unconventional paintings by this Belgrade artist, is now open at the Gallery ‘Serbia’ in Nis.


According to the words by Ljubica Jelisavac in the exhibition catalogue, the artist, starting from real space and moving to artistic space as a transposition of the internal world of living and space/time instances, has gradually and by leaps moved to totalization and democratization of the painting/space.


Her multimedia painting is so radicalized and although created in the real gallery space,

it unambiguously points to own inaccessibility, globality with the presence of video scenes, says Ljubica Jelisavac. She added that it was intelligent that the physical exit from the gallery was not necessary and that general attention and time constant were still



The unconventional painting, created with non-painting material, continues to have its own internal principle, structure, dynamism, visual artistry, energy and illusionism. We cannot possess such painting nor let it off. It is impossible to eliminate it although it

virtually disappears after the exhibition closes. The painting constantly warns that it could change its appearance – the catalogue quotes.


According to Ljubica Jelisavac, Milica Vergot’s painting is the author’s reduced and strong response to the generally inevitable, natural, logical and absurd course of life and to the dominant globalist trend of the “New Age” and therefore it is an emanation of consciousness and premonition of future.


Milica Vergot has taken part in many collective exhibitions in the world and in her own country.


She is the winner of several awards including the one won at the 7th International Triennial in Maidanek, Poland in 2004 and at the Winter Herceg Novi Salon in 2004.