Shape The Course (project)

Ambiental sensory installations. Based on a BBC documentary


The project SHAPE THE COURSE is the latest phase of her multiannual artistic work

and has the same research direction as previously determined by the Picture-Installation

and GMT project Shadows of Technologics, the author’s projects that have been institutionally supported in the country and abroad. Being already within the firm structures of the latest modern artistic practices, SHAPE THE COURSE will be aimed at establishing an intercultural dialogue and full support to the mobility of artists to cultural diversity. The project is characteristic for its approach to art that emphasizes the context

of the work of art and not experiential contents. Actually, the project emphasizes what the artist goes through rather than offering any past experience.


SHAPE THE COURSE is designed as community art. The aim of such dialogic art is

the influence of artistic creativity on community cohesion by applying visual/painting methods in an open process of work through interactive/video installations.


Searching for innovative, creative and interactive methods and techniques by exchanging ideas and giving recommendations, the project will include experts for video installations.




Name: A demand for analysis. A clear view and intensive involvement. Interpretation from the social point of view.


Space: Transformation. Introduction of the Observer to the concept. Acting together with the “situations offered”. Intensifying consciousness about “shape the course”. Observer = Participant/Actor: seeing the work of art in an appropriate manner.


Contents: Video/audio installations. Installations that simulate specific ambience.

They have a sensory effect. They offer a synesthetic experience. They transform space architecturally.


(The project is under making)