GMTproject Shadows of technologics

The multimedia project “GMTproject Shadows of technologics” is about

a phenomenon of our modern information society and its influence on the

man’s life, his reality, the presence and future times.


The global multimedia show, which guides to the consequences of the logic of use or misuse of the most modern information system technologies, is marked as wholeness from which it is possible to extract and materialize fragments of mental pictures of our modern era characteristic for the most intense radicalization of conflicts.


In an attempt, through artistic practice, to define one of such situations and identify

the artist’s clear view and to reflect directly and truly the state of the artistic consciousness and conscience, the author retains the right to free combinations of potential images of the man’s alienation in undefined categories of time and space.

Presence of shadows affirms the presence of man, not only as a victim but it also

emphasizes his responsibility for his contribution to absurdly agitated streams of life.